My roots are the Graffiti

My first approach to Writing was at a very young age, around 12/13 years, late 90s. I was immediately fascinated by the world of graffiti in all its forms, I started with “bombing” in the street, every opportunity was good to leave a tag and paint around, the goal was to make my name known and to gain respect.

For me, painting was an escape from the difficult reality that I was living in that period. I “closed” myself in graffiti and left the world outside. I lived on the outskirts of Rome and doing graffiti for me and for my crew was a way to elevate ourselves from what we saw around us, a peripheral reality that offered few ways out.

We always went out in the same park, on the same benches, but we were always with our heads elsewhere, we traveled with our art and with our letters and every day we wrote our name.
Graffiti has been a means of creating strong friendships, experiencing adrenaline-pumping and risky situations, which have profoundly changed me and made me better know myself and my possibilities.

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warios graffiti calligraffiti warios

From Graffiti to Calligraffiti

The transition from graffiti to calligraphy and lettering was very natural for me, I don’t really have a clear moment of the “transition”

During my evolution as a writer, I began to gradually incorporate lettering and traditional calligraphy components into my wild styles. This research led me to study and deepen the history of calligraphy and I started practicing calligraphy professionally trying to perfect my style.This continuous study has certainly made me notice in the world of lettering, in 2015 I joined an international group called Calligraffiti Ambassadors, an artistic collective created by SHOE with which I started a path of international exhibitions and various projects.

Now I am continuing on a more individual path, but one that also brings with it the experiences lived within the Calligraffiti movement, to which I will be forever grateful.

warios at work for Fendi

Art, Design and Workshop

Currently, I’m specialized in calligraphy, typography and lettering.
I participated in many international exhibitions, graffiti  and street art projects, exhibitions, and other related projects since 2008. I regularly works with many Italian and international brands, with a focus on streetwear, fashion, and graphic design.

Since 2015 I’m teaching workshops and spread the art of calligraffiti around the world.

I’m always open to commission works, for any further questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

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